International Week of the Body

Ode to the Body: February 8-14 annual

10 TIPS for the Week of the Body

February 8-14  annual 

  • improvement  health
  • more awareness of your Body
  • plenty of movement
  • more fun and stay younger :)
  • different ideas of activities you can start for family, friends, business or neighbourhood.
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Week van het Lichaam 2022

Everyone is born in a body and dies in it.

Many people live with:

  1. stress and tension in everyday life
  2. problems family, work situation
  3. tension of divorce or mourning
  4. physical complaints and illness
  5. mental or psychological tensions
  6. edge of overstrain and burnout

Choose for your Body! Choose for harmony.
Choose a positive flow:

  • enjoy every day
  • different mindset to your Body
  • working together and understanding your Body
  •  improvement health
  • relaxation
  • and much more ...

Join your or someone else's activity during the
International Week of the Body February 8-14 annually


Join with your activity!

  • positive boost for your Body
  • connection with your Body
  • inner journey

A week with different theme-days per year.

Week van het Lichaam 2022


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