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February 8-14 

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Everyone is welcome to participate in this annual happening: International Week of the Body February 8-14
Whether you are a company, association, organization or you do it on your own. Feel welcome to pay more attention to your Body every day. Of course more awareness during the special Week 8-14 February! From healthcare institutions to the self-employed, After all, everyone has a Body on loan for a lifetime. How much do we actually think about it?
Look between the different activities that the Foundation has set up. This may be supplemented nationally and internationally :)
Below are various ideas and inspiring activities that you can also apply to your own environment.

First positive reactions and ideas are in ...

Week van het Lichaam 2022


We are going to participate with our whole team. Every morning  gym and breakfast together. In the afternoon we do meditation and exercises. If this goes well, we will organize more throughout the year. Thanks for the initiative.

Week van het Lichaam 2022

Great initiative, I join with my yogaschool! My students are

wildly enthusiastic and curious.

Week van het Lichaam 2022

We are going to come up with an event for our neighborhood for every day. We are already brainstorming. Good plan for better connection with neighbors and own body.

Week van het Lichaam 2022


I am going to set out several nice forestwalks with sporting assignments. The first applications are already in. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you.

... creative and different ideas ...

Week van het Lichaam 2022


I work for an organisation and hope te get all staff members into action. We start with a lot of laughter. That's healthy to start the day for work.

Week van het Lichaam 2022


This week I'm going to focus on men and their power inward. Focused on awareness with important conversations during campfire and attention to what really matters.

Week van het Lichaam 2022


I work on a school. We are going to use this initiative direct with the students to learn about the functioning of the body. With every day a presentation of the activity. The team is excited to participate.

Week van het Lichaam 2022


From our shoe store we naturally have ''bingo'' with the first themeday of the week. How nice to participate in this and make people aware of what feet wear. Every step forward starts with your feet. We are going to work out a nice plan.

Week van het Lichaam 2022

Great initiative to do business together. A positive flow for everybody. Don't miss it!


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  • positive boost for your Body
  • connection with your Body
  • inner journey

A week with different theme-days per year.

Week van het Lichaam 2022


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